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Thanksgiving is Awful for Your Plumbing

chicago plumber

From the perfectly roasted turkey and Grandma’s famously lumpy mashed potatoes to the post-lunch snooze and “friendly” flag football contest in the backyard, Thanksgiving is stuffed with long-standing traditions. And then there’s the day after Thanksgiving— leftovers, battling ridiculously long checkout lines for debatably “good” deals, and… […]

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How to Prepare Your Plumbing for the Winter

winter plumbing tips

And just like that, temps are going from “Hooray for jeans and hoodies” to “Where’d I put those dang earmuffs?” If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve likely tested your furnace a time or two. But have you shown your plumbing system any TLC yet? As your Chicagoland […]

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Fall Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Plainfield plumber

There’s so much to love about fall in Chicagoland. At TMZ Plumbing, we’re especially fond of the crisp air and colorful trees. Of course, as refreshing and beautiful as those things are, they can create headaches for homeowners—expensive ones. Use our Fall Plumbing Maintenance Checklist to make […]

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How Home Plumbing Systems Work

how home plumbing systems work

When was the last time you thought about your plumbing? Not like, “I really need to scrub that toilet” or “I wonder what it would cost to replace that showerhead”—but really thought about it? Our guess is, despite the fact that indoor plumbing is something of a […]

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Are Water Filtration Systems Worth It?

plainfield water filtration systems

As a Chicagoland plumber does does lots of business around Plainfield, Naperville, Wheaton and more, we often get questions about water filtrations systems. Are they worth the cost? Do they actually work? Are they even necessary? Let’s talk about that. Water Consumption in the United States On […]

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Interesting Facts About Sump Pumps

plainfield sump pump

As a homeowner, the first word you associate with sump pumps is likely not “interesting.” You might say they’re “useful” or even “necessary.” But “interesting”? Probably not. As your Chicagoland & Plainfield plumber, we find sump pumps to be extremely interesting—mostly because we know they can save […]

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DIY Garbage Disposal Repair

Chicago plumber

DIY Garbage Disposal Repair Of all the plumbing mishaps that can happen in your kitchen, a suddenly uncooperative garbage disposal is one of the worst. Fortunately, even not-so-handy [city identifier] homeowners can often diagnose garbage disposal breakdowns—and even repair them. Before you call TMZ Plumbing for your […]

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Six Signs You May Need Water Heater Repairs

chicago water heater

Six Signs You May Need Water Heater Repairs Is your water heater trying to tell you something? Unless you’re an especially on-top-of-things Chicagoland homeowner, you probably don’t think much about your water heater—until that fateful winter morning when you’re treated to a freezing cold shower. Fortunately, water […]

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How to Replace a Toilet

Chicago plumber

How to Replace a Toilet When it comes to do-it-yourself home improvement, few projects strike fear in the hearts of homeowners quite like toilets. It just seems like so many things could go terribly, horribly wrong, doesn’t it? No one likes the thought of making a mistake […]

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How To Detect A Leak

Chicago plumber

How To Detect A Leak If someone were to ask you how to tell if something’s leaking, you might be tempted to smirk a bit: “Umm, well, there’s water where there shouldn’t be water.” Duh. In many cases, your smirk would be justified. Leaks are pretty obvious […]

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